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We are extremely proud of our clients and their success. Hear about what they have to say about us...


"I decided to begin working with a personal trainer 4 months after giving birth to my son.  After pregnancy and the demands of being a full time mom with a little baby, I had put my own happiness and health on the back burner.  I was the weakest and most over weight I had been in my entire life.   I started working with Tyler at MaxFit Studio and had no idea how much the experience would better my life.  I had tried a few personal trainers in the past and wasn’t satisfied.  They seemed pushy, overbearing, and the experience left a bad impression, but with Tyler was it was much different.  I could tell he truly cared and wanted to make a difference.  He listened, encouraged, and pushed me to become stronger both physically and mentally.  Going to my sessions quickly became the highlight of my day where I could get a “Me Break”, vent and let out my daily frustrations in a healthy way.  When I started I could not do more than 3 on your knees pushups and now I can do somewhere around 60 regular pushups!  I gained muscle, especially in my upper body, which I’d never had before and lost inches all over.  I gained outward changes but what was even more special were the inward changes I was able to make with his help and encouragement.  If you looking for someone who is an excellent motivator, listener and trainer all around, I highly recommend Tyler.  I am immensely thankful for what he has done for me."

-Amber O.





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